Ngoc Son Vina - the spirit of Vietnamese craftship to the world

Ngoc Son Vina - the spirit of Vietnamese craftship to the world

1. Our Mindset of Handicrafts

 Ngocson Handicraft brings the beautiful spirit of craftship to the world, we have been creating handmade products décor, home interiors… from natural materials, our goods- a finest combination between tradition and modernity in harmony. Beyond that, we support the traditional jobs and stable income for women in rural areas.

2. Our history and vision

Our founder- Mr Truong Cong Than started  his household business from 1999 in the traditional village of handicraft- Kim Son Commune, Ninh Binh Province, where people worked on seagrass fields to do harvesting, processing raw materials and weaving them to make crafting goods, and exporting our products to the world. 

Our Ngocson’s next generation especially most of leader’s team are women, we are still continuously keeping the beautiful trandition handicrafts and developing sophisticated techniques applied to our products, and now we are to being nominated as one of handicraft manufactures. To meet the world market standards for quality and difficult styles, our craftmen are able to woven difficult styles.

For us, next generation- Empowered women, Ngocson is more than a business. We are ultilizing an available resources- totally natural seagrass, water-hyacinth, palm leaf, corn leaf, bamboo…, creating stable jobs to generate income for local villagers especially rural women. We are a bridge connecting the unique culture of Vietnamese people to the world, to preserve the precious cultural tradition and create useful environmental friendly products for people all over the world.

3. Our artisans.

We are proud of having more than 10 artisans with their creative and skillful weaving to make a thousand of models, we also have over 100 full-time workers. More than that, we works with hundreds of local rural people especially villager’s women- can be called as local artisans, from young girls to their grandmothers… that is a footstep for preserving Vietnamese precious craftship. Their handmade products is the beautiful traditional culture, is promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle through a wide distribution of products from natural materials. Moreover, these works generate not only a better income to their family, but also a way to connecting the indigenous culture of Vietnamese people to the younger generations, to hold Vietnamese Heritage. We are side by side with our artisans to promote the craftship and enrich traditional culture of Vietnam.



NGOC SON brings the spirit of Vietnamese craftship to the world.

we commit:

  •  Provide products and service with world-standard quality and optimal design, satisfying legitimate demands of customers.
  • Commit sustainable development based on co-ordination spirit, become trusted partners, always bring about subtainable and attractive values.
  • Create good jobs, high earning income for craftmen with friendly working environment which encourages creation in work.
  • Actively contribute to the community-oriented activities, focus on environmental protection, protect Vietnam environment with creating eco-friendly products, represent civic responsibility and national pride.
  •  Promote the image of Vietnam to the global market.

Therefore, we are here to assist overseas buyers for easy and reliable transactions of  handicrafts. We also open for made to order or bespoke design to convene your business needs. We reference our handicraft collections to popular categories.

Ngoc Son Vina is very open to discussing new shapes, materials and sizes according to market needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and details.